Cracked Mirror

from by Sombre Ecstasy



Staring at your phone right now and ignoring someone trying to talk to you? This song's about you.

Watching a video on facebook of animals being tortured or people being violently attacked, sharing it, and rhetorically asking what's wrong with the world? This song's about you.

Updating your life at a constant to make yourself feel validated in a world where nobody cares about anything, especially not your bullshit? This song's about you.


Fingers traveling across the atramentous glass
Shattered lens records and sends your files where cyber crowds amass
Virtual reactions validate the worthless life you lead
Documenting useless pulp and advancing as a dying breed

Gathering amongst the crowd all raising their black mirrors
Living through a screen when life around you can't be clearer
Seven-second blip recordings entertaining endlessly
Just press the circular arrow and satiate your primal needs

Brain devoid within a stream
Cracked black mirror reigns supreme

Let the mirror transmit that sex and drugs are the worst addictions
While globally promoting and condemning all decisions
Stimulating fear amongst the general population
Spreading fraudulent data to mar communication

On smart devices foolish people vent to make themselves feel special
Mind vacuous of stimulation A tragic hollow worthless vessel
Eternal walls displaying and exploiting people's fears
Buried by the privilege and cacophony of cheers

Moral empathy dismantled
Attention span has been shackled
Brain devoid within a stream
Cracked black mirror reigns supreme


Watching screen within a screen
Sterilize experienced dreams
Brain devoid within a stream
Cracked black mirror reigns supreme


from Cracked Mirror, released July 1, 2017
7-String Guitar: Chris Stermel
6-String Guitar: Jeff Bonvicin
Bass: Jeff Bonvicin
Vocals: Chris Stermel
Lyrics: Chris Stermel
Drum Programming: Chris Stermel



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Sombre Ecstasy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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